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Love the game also it need more scary things XD

Thank you for playing our game, hope you like it. We are going to introduce new Upgrades in a near future so maybe the game will have scary things :). Stay tuned for the upgrade.


The team of Path Games.

Amazing graphics and super fun game!!!!

Thank you, we are going to add more details, more lore and two endings in the next update, we are going to make it more interesting. Stay tuned.


The team of Path Games.

No worries, thanks for making this great game, and I'm really looking forward to the new update!!!!

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An excellent short horror experience the atmosphere was very unsettling the puzzles were realy well done and i loved the flashlight overall good game i look forward to seeing where you go with this

Thank you for playing it. We are going to make it more interesting with two different endings, more details and more lore. So stay tuned the next days we are going to launch a new update.

this game was crazy good! the details were beautiful and the puzzles were really good too! really awesome job on creating this game! 

Thank you, we are going to add more details in our game and upgrading it with new updates. Two endings and more lore. Stay tuned the next days.


The team of Path Games.

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Hi there, thank you for contacting me about your game, I had a pretty good time with it. I'd like to start off with what I liked about the game. 

The atmosphere here is fantastic, it's dark and creepy, there were a few moments where it even sent chills down my spine. Visual wise the game looks great, it makes good use of lighting and colours to spice up the environments even further, all of which contributes to the overall atmosphere of the game. I found most of the puzzles to be unique, interesting and of a decent difficulty albeit for one. 

Now I'd like to touch on a few things that stuck out to me as issues. The first issue I found was with the story, it's a little hard to piece together, the newspaper articles provide some context, but didn't really contribute to an overall understanding of what was going on. The next issue I had was in regards to the puzzle involving the paintings, I've noticed other players point this out as well so I won't drag on about it, but some form of context would have made a world of difference, I happened to solve it by shear luck. Those were the only major issues I had with the game, there are a couple of minor ones such as a few grammatical errors in the newspaper articles and the lack of an auditory or visual indicator for when you solve the clock puzzle. 

All in all this has the makings of a great horror game, it's atmospheric, it's pretty to look at, it's creepy, and most of the puzzles are intuitive. Just flesh out the narrative a bit more, and add some sort of context/clue to the painting puzzle.

Hope you don't mind but I made a let's play of the game for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes!    

First of all, thank you very much for all the feedback and the gameplay. It's very important to us.

The narrative is true that it is difficult to order and fully understand. We are working on an update to add more newspapers, better voices, better radios and an alternative ending.
From the puzzle of the pictures you have the whole reason of the world, we have noticed that more indications are missing and can be very ambiguous. We are working too for solve this.

Thank you very much for the help, we will let you know as soon as we launch the update! 


Path Games.

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  ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hello~

Just wanted to say I enjoyed the demo! The puzzles were intuitive, the atmosphere was on point, and I found the different colored  lighting to be a nice touch. I appreciate the bits of lore given as it makes me curious about the overall plot. I believe it's important to set up a good story to help players invest emotionally in a game.

One recommendation I do have would be to provide subtitles during dialogue. It was hard for me to make out what was being said from the radio along with the film projector cutscene.

Gameplay wise, the biggest problem I had was really just the last puzzle. The art room puzzle was just too ambiguous as there was a lack of direction. It was hard to interpret the paintings correctly, and judging from your previous comment the player might've needed to know some backstory to figure it out. Not everyone is that knowledgeable on who Dante is and his life story. I think providing a cue or note would've helped with that part.

Overall, great demo with actually good gameplay! Looking forward to what this has in store for the future!


Your gameplay it's fantastic, we love them!!

First of all, thanks for all the feedback we appreciate it very much!! We are working on an upate where we gonna improve all the audios and include subtitules, more elements for understand better the narrative. Also we gonna include an alternative ending and a VR Version. 

The puzzle of the pictures, we know that it's a problem, we are working on too for include more clues for solve it. 

Muchas Gracias!

Path Games.

This was a very well made horror game!  I really liked the puzzles atomosphere and jumpscares! 


Thanks all, It's so important to us!! We hope you enjoyed our game and the puzzles! 


Path Games!

Fantastic. Brilliant. Amazing. Superb. Just play it... :)

Thanks for the gameplay and for share to us, It's fantastic!! We hope you enjoyed our game


Path Games!

Wow this game is AMAZING! The monster in the game (which I still don't know what the hell is that) scares the crap out of me! The puzzle are amazing too! So a little bit of critics:

  • There's a small bug in the phone calling puzzle there. When you go to Room 3 and go to the left side of the door, you will get stuck because of the chairs.
  • There's no save point in the game. I mean it's quite a short game, but it would be better to have.
  • I still don't understand the painting puzzle (almost the last puzzle). I need to go watch other YouTuber to know how to solve it. Btw that YouTuber also doesn't know what's he doing LOL. I wish you can explain here. It would be great.

So yeah, 8/10, less point because of the last puzzle and weird ending (sry but I just don't understand much about the story). Still would recommend to my friends. And I'm going to make a video playing it!

First of all, thank you very much for all the feedback you have given us, we appreciate it very much. Now we go in parts:

1. You're right, there was a collision there that caused the character to stay bug. It is already fixed, we will try to upload the update as soon as possible so that it does not happen anymore.

2. Before there was a save point before the long corridor of the crossings but we had to remove it because some users experienced problems. We'll have to look to fix it, you're right.

3. The puzzle of the pictures is the most complicated of the game without any doubt. There are people who say directly that it is wrong and no, it is not wrong. Only indications are missing. I explain a little, the solution of the paintings resides in the life of Dante;

Blind = It is because of who Dante was blind to Love.
Death = Dante died the day his wife died.
Life = His life started the first time he saw his wife.
Superb = It represented the greatest creation of Dante, the divine comedy. That's why his painting.

We have to fix things in the narrative since the players do not understand Dante's relationship with the protagonist. But they are related.
We will try to solve as soon as possible all these errors in order to offer a better game.

Thank you very much for everything and we hope you liked it.

Gracias!! =)

Path Games

Amazing I really enjoyed it. 


my channel:

watch video here:


Thank you very much for the video and share it. It's very important for us to know the feedback of the people. We hope you liked it.


Path Games

it's very very great game! 

Thanks for making and sharing the video. It is very important for us to see that people enjoy this little game that we have created.


Path Games.

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